Australians for Climate Action

GetUp’s Open letter to the federal government was signed by over 40,000 Australians on 28 March 2014. It reads:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott & Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

Over 97% of climate scientists say that climate change is occurring and is human induced. The science is now unequivocal and deserves respect from our government.

We’re asking for stronger, meaningful climate action, which is in the national and global interest.
We want our government to aim higher on climate.

• Cutting Australia’s pollution by at least 30% by 2020
• Moving Australia beyond coal and gas towards renewable energy, using a Renewable Energy Target
• Putting a price and limit on carbon emissions

Many Australian actors, musicians, celebrities, scientists and athletes have signed the letter.

» You can sign the letter here:


Erin from the GetUp team wrote on 28 March 2014:

“Deborah Mailman has done it, so has Professor Tim Flannery, and more than 40,000 Australians have done it too. Will you join them in calling on our government to correct the course and aim higher on climate?

The findings of the parliamentary inquiry into the Abbott Government’s Direct Action plan are in. They echo what we’ve known for some time: the Direct Action policy just doesn’t cut it.

Australia’s most respected scientists and economists are in agreement, we must do more – and quickly – if we’re to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and lay the groundwork for a renewable energy future.

Will you join Australians for Climate Action in calling on our government to do better on climate and renewables?

This isn’t just about our leaders – we need to aim high also. If we’re to demonstrate that tackling climate action and investing in renewable energy has diverse and widespread support from the majority of Australians we’ll need to make this our largest open letter ever, featuring our names and faces. We need to stand up and be counted.

Can you help?

Already, leading scientists, firefighters, actors, musicians, renewable energy workers, paralympians and 40,000 Australians from all walks of life have joined the call for climate action. With your help, we can amplify their voices and reach the furthest corners of the country.

Here’s the thing: the Abbott Government is increasingly out on its own in its opposition to science-led climate and energy solutions. They’re at odds with science, with our leading economists1, with the majority of the population and with what’s right for future generations.

Yet, Prime Minister Abbott doggedly persists in doing everything in his power to dismantle emissions reduction progress and derail renewable energy advancement.

In just seven months we’ve seen Mr Abbott:
appoint a self-confessed climate sceptic to head the review of our Renewable Energy Target,
abolish the Climate Commission, the independent body which advised the Government on climate change,
remove key ministerial positions on climate change and science,
axe hundreds of jobs at the CSIRO, and
introduce legislation to remove the price on pollution.

The submissions to the parliamentary inquiry into Direct Action, in which 16,000 GetUp members took part, tell a clear story about why we can’t let this expensive, farcical policy guide us away from achieving our clean energy future. Independent experts say Direct Action won’t even deliver a meagre 5% reduction in emissions – far from the 15% minimum target required and recommended by the Climate Change Authority.2

Now it’s up to us – a diverse and powerful movement of everyday Australians – to demand better. To hold our government to account. To demonstrate our strength and our resolve.

Join Australians for Climate Action by signing the open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten:

We’ve demonstrated the power of our movement and its dedication to stronger climate action time and time again. Less than 6 months ago, we held the largest mobilisations on climate Australia has ever seen – from the bush to the ‘burbs, more than 60,000 of us took to the streets and demanded our government aim higher. We were featured in metropolitan newspapers, on every major news network – we even made international headlines! Our display of support for climate action was a clear counterpoint to the Abbott Government’s supposed “mandate” to unwind our progress.

It’s time we lay this myth to bed once and for all.

Australians for Climate Action is a lasting and powerful visual display of the diverse community support for stronger climate action and renewable solutions. We’ll be identifying opportunities in the coming months, before the new Senate gets on with the job of deciding our clean energy future, to deliver our open letter in an effective and strategic show of strength.

Will you join the tens of thousands of Australians who are standing up and demanding our government aim higher on climate? Can you help us create the largest climate movement Australia has ever seen?

Let’s do this,
Erin for the GetUp team”