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Renewable Energy Declaration signatories

Organisation: Balanced Sustainability
Contact person: Heidi Fog
Website: www.balancedsustainability.com.au
Comment to Mr Napthine:

Dr Mr Napthine

In 2001 an article from Geelong Weather Station was printed in the Geelong News. You can find the link to the article here:  http://users.pipeline.com.au/~gws/articles/power.htm. It lists Breamlea (referes in this joint letter to you) as a suitable site for a windpark and also which effect a power plant has on airquality.

Recently during a houserenovation I found an old newpaper article from the Herald 1951 which states: “Rate on Dirty Coal Coming Soon”. When is soon?

If we are to become leaders on clean tecnhology we need our skates on as we are nowhere near to be recconned with today. We need the best in business to focus and drive our future. Heading CleanTech Cluster in Denmark is the chairperson from Danish Oil and Natural Gas. We need nothing less.

Kind regards

Organisation: Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc
Contact person: Margaret Hender
Website: corenafund.org.au
Comment to Mr Napthine:

Premier Napthine,

Please repeal the rule that wind turbines need to be 2km away from houses. Currently Morwell residents are being impacted by smoke and ash from a burning coal mine that is much closer to houses than that.

By facilitating the development of more wind projects, Victoria can reduce the health impacts of coal-fired electricity, and give priority to protecting farmland and aquifers from the dangers of CSG. Surely these things are more important than any objections to the visual impact of wind turbines (the alleged health impacts have now been thoroughly debunked). Besides, I for one think wind turbines look really nice!

Thank you,

Margaret Hender
18 March 2014