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About energy efficiency

Some ideas:

• Switch to 240V LED lighting to reduce heating transformers in the roof

• Double glazing can be retrofitted with polycarbonate sheets.

• Keep South facing outside blinds low to retain heat from windows.

• Turning the heater down 1°C can reduce energy usage dramatically.

• Turn temperature set points on fridges/freezers slightly up to reduce overworking in winter.

• Use clothes dryers during off peak hours (after 10pm), also adds warmth to your house in the evenings!

See more on:  http://www.ecomaster.com.au

In March-April, 95.5 K-ROCK in Geelong ran a theme in their morning show about energy efficiency

» 95.5 K-Rock in Geelong:  Off the grid

» Chicken’s introduction on youtube.com

“As part of an initiative to limit energy resources, two typical families are challenged to live ‘off the grid’. The family who can retain the most energy will win themselves a solar power system and the runner up a lighting solutions package. They will also become the models of a new age of living – balancing a modern lifestyle with conservative energy use.”

“Now we’re all living in a greener city with Future Proofing Geelong and the Federal Government’s Community Energy Efficiency Program,” writes 95.5 K-Rock.