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About solar energy

Inspirational stories and news about solar energy

Green Energy Options – 14 May 2014:
Solar Panel Ingredients – what makes a good solar panel?
Aren’t all solar panels the same? They all look pretty similar if you‘re on the ground looking up at panels on a roof and even close up it can be difficult to tell the difference. Aaron Lewtas takes a closer look and provides a few tips if you’re looking to buy a good quality solar panel.

Geelong Advertiser article

Geelong Advertiser – 17 April 2014:
Switch to solar power gathers speed in Geelong
“Waurn Ponds, which averaged 160 installations per year between 2001 and 2012, had 1,891 panels installed last year.”
Article by Jonno Nash

Investing in a solar Surf Coast

A Federal Coalition Government will commit $300,000 to a Surf Coast solar town project, Sarah Henderson, Liberal Candidate for Corangamite announced in August 2013. The funds will be available as of 1 July 2014 to community groups to access solar hot water or solar energy.

Shadow Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Minister, Greg Hunt, said “The Coalition will allocate a total of $300,000 for the Surf Coast Solar Community. This will include Torquay, Lorne and everything in between including Jan Juc, Anglesea and Aireys Inlet. This is the result of strong representation both from Sarah Henderson and the local community.”

» Continue reading on www.sarahhenderson.com.au

Inspiration from the United Kingdom: Repowering a community

“Once at the centre of the UK’s wave of new oil and gas drilling, the residents are now turning away from dirty energy as they form their own renewable power co-operative, REPOWERBalcombe.”


“This little town said ‘Stop!’ Now they’ve not only saved their town from fracking, they’ve got free energy forever. This is the future. The future is not in coal, oil or gas or even thorium and all the rest. There’s no need for any of that. Forget about big governments, it’s time for the people to take matters into their own hands.”

» www.repowerbalcombe.com

EcoWatch – 28 March 2014:
UK Town Quits Fossil Fuels and Starts Renewable Energy Co-Op
» www.ecowatch.com/2014/03/28/uk-town-quits-fossil-fuels-starts-renewable-co-op


The contrast between the solar price trend and price trends for various types of fossil fuels is so sharp, and the ramifications for those industries so disruptive, that the creators of the graph gave it a title more fitting of the welcome mat for a Halloween haunted house: ‘Welcome to the Terrordome’.
» Continue reading on  www.treehugger.com


“The People’s Solar is a practical, empowering way of bringing solar power to those who otherwise could miss out.

The People’s Solar works across the political divide, by creating social and financial benefits out of environmental ones and bringing the ownership of energy infrastructure back to where it belongs – with The People.

As the shift to local renewable energy accelerates, our collective challenge will increasingly be to ensure this new energy market serves the interest of The People. Just a year ago, talk of homes with grid access going off-grid, and distribution networks being under threat, was very limited in mainstream thinking. Well, things change. The Energy Networks Association, Ergon Energy and Horizon Power are now all talking about it publicly. The shift is on.

Every week we hear about new communities putting together new projects, from large-scale community-owned renewables and community-owned rooftop solar, through to more ambitious projects, including the buy-back of local energy grids, and running community-owned energy companies. Seeing and hearing about these communities innovating and achieving great things is a constant inspiration.

Keep reading for a host of recent media coverage on the energy market transition that has only just begun! Let’s make sure the splashes get bigger and better, as we move towards an energy market that works for the people, by the people.”

» Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ThePeoplesSolar

» Twitter:  www.twitter.com/ThePeoplesSolar

» Home page:  www.thepeoplessolar.com

» E-mail:  contact@thepeoplessolar.com

Clean Energy for Eternity

The first community solar farm for the Bega Valley could soon become a reality in Tathra, with around 250 panels built in the shape of the word ‘IMAGINE’, which will be visible in the air.

You are invited to be part of Bega Valley’s first solar farm by purchasing by tax deductible donation an entire letter or a single panel and have your name prominently displayed on site for the next 25 years.

Each letter of IMAGINE will require an average of 38 panels. The first “I” will be built from community donations. The rest of IMAGINE will be constructed using funds provided by the Bega Valley Shire Council, the Tathra Enduro mountain bike race, and Clean Energy For Eternity.

To buy a panel costs $250.

Clean Energy for Eternity has revealed it will donate $15,000 per year to the project. The farm is expected to be completed within three years.

Discussions between CEFE and the council have revealed that energy generated by the farm will go towards offsetting power consumption at the site. This is expected to result in significant financial savings for the council.

» Home page: www.cleanenergyforeternity.net.au

Mosaic: Five Incredible Solar Architecture Projects
“These projects will leave you excited about the future of sustainable architecture and design”
» joinmosaic.com/blog/solar-architecture


Solar: 20 percent global increase in 2014
Bloomberg has recorded international investment in the solar market as US$102 billion at the end of 2013 and suggests that in 2014 there will be a 20.9% increase on 2013’s global solar installations, with China expected to lead this global growth.


Myths and facts on solar
Let’s cut through the myths and spread the facts on solar!
» Information provided by the Clean Energy Council:  www.solarcitizens.org.au/myths


Solar could become “an unstoppable force”, disrupting utilities and the grid, wrote David Biello in Scientific American:

Scientific American – 25 March 2014:
Fight over Rooftop Solar Forecasts a Bright Future for Cleaner Energy
As the cost of solar power drops, more consumers find that they hold the upper hand as utilities fight to maintain paying customers and the relevance of the grid.

Paul Gilding – 19 March 2014:
Carbon Crash Solar Dawn
“I think it’s time to call it. Renewables and associated storage, transport and digital technologies are so rapidly disrupting whole industries’ business models they are pushing the fossil fuel industry towards inevitable collapse.”

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