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Farmer Graeme Maconachie discusses the experience of having wind towers on his farm.

Graeme Maconachie wants to know that his grandchildren have a future on this planet, so after a lot of research and agonising, the second-generation central Victorian farmer agreed to host five wind towers. The decision to become a part of the 35-tower Pacific Hydro Challicum Hills project more than a decade ago was one the plain-speaking 62-year-old has never regretted.

Graeme’s shared his story in this short video to let others know that wind farms can make a difference now and in the future.

Midland Express – 16 April 2014:
An ill wind blows: Wind farm bans cost the state
Friends of the Earth says projects worth more than $864 million have either been lost or scrapped due to anti-wind farm laws in Victoria.
Article by Angela Crawford

Cockburn: Harnessing city wind | Click for larger version of this photo

Cockburn: Harnessing city wind

The city of Cockburn near Perth is helping to test some pioneering new urban wind power generators.

According to the manufacturer, Windpods are ideal for urban power generation. They produce lower noise and vibration than conventional style wind turbines and are efficient in turbulent environments, such as on and near buildings.

The southern hemisphere’s largest Windpod system is installed on the City of Cockburn’s administration building in Spearwood as part of a joint research trial with Windpods International. The turbines are expected to generate 4.5 megawatt hours of power each year.

The Windpod system is originally invented by Graeme Attey from Fremantle.

» Continue reading on: www.phys.org

» Home page: www.windpods.com

USA: Where wind energy is up, electrical prices are down

Electric bills are trending down for people that live in high-wind states, according to research by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).
The 11 states that get more than 7% of their electricity from wind energy have seen their electric prices decrease by 0.37% over the past five years, in contrast to all other states, where electricity prices have increased 7.79% during that time.
» www.awea.files.cms-plus.com/AWEA White Paper – Consumer Benefits.pdf

Stanford University / Science Daily – 20 March 2014:
Wind farms can provide society a surplus of reliable clean energy
Researchers have found that the wind industry can easily afford the energetic cost of building batteries and other grid-scale storage technologies. However, for the solar industry, scientists found that more work is needed to make grid-scale storage energetically sustainable.

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