Change begins with city picnic this Sunday

On Sunday 27th of April, residents of Geelong will make a collective statement embracing the ‘lead by example’ principle, walking, cycling and driving in electric vehicles through the CBD.


Printed in Geelong Independent on 25 April 2014 on page 11

map-with-CO2_600pxThe job crisis in Geelong and the climate crisis in Australia have one thing in common: they will effect everyone in this city, regardless of age and income level.

The issue with climate change which we are causing with our carbon pollution has such long-term perspectives that we can’t expect our politicans to solve it for us as long as only a small minority is actively pushing for them to do so. We need more people involved.

Only a classic lead-by-example principle will create the kind of public pressure that will make the political system take notice and implement measures to stop our collective carbon pollution. For this to happen people will have to get up off their couches.

This goes for individuals, for groups, institutions, bodies and businesses, and for cities as well as for nations. What we can all do is lead by example. When we do that – and we make that visible to our surroundings – we transform our society from ground up.

In the days when Gandhi successfully lead a peaceful and popular transformation of India, he used the slogan ‘Be the Change’. This slogan could still work well if we managed to create a critical mass of enough people doing the same.

This is why Sunday the 27th of April will be a day for change-makers, solution-builders and concerned citizens to make themselves visible for a walk, a cycle-ride or EV-cruise through the CBD of Geelong.

Renew Geelong Picnic, in Eastern Park from 11am to 1pm, and starting at 10am with a walk, cycle-ride or EV-cruise from 1 Yarra St through central Geelong, will be an opportunity to meet others who want to be part of a new and positive movement for a safer, cleaner and more liveable Geelong.

Mik Aidt is Event Coordinator for the Renew Geelong Picnic

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Photo: The CO2 GPS Painting – the route through Geelong CBD which cyclists and electric vehicles will be riding and driving while painting the letters on their smartphones’ GPS map as they move forward. Starting at the waterfront, 1 Yarra Street, ending in Eastern Park.

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“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”
Paulo Coelho

CEOs and companies lead by example

“Lead by example.” “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” “Be the change.”

The “lead-by-example”-principle is possibly the only one which has the true potential to change our path and get the current carbon madness under control. Powerful examples can inspire and mobilise action and in all cases it will help improve our children’s and grandchildren’s chances of avoiding the worst of the climate catastrophe scenarios which science currently is predicting for them.

Apple addresses climate change

Apple and its CEO Tim Cook took its climate leadership further in a bold stand just in time for Earth Day 2014:

In this video which is shown on Apple’s homepage, CEO Tim Cook prominently links Apple’s brand to the notion that innovation at Apple means not just building better products, but building them in a way that also protects the environment and addresses climate change.

Companies such as Facebook and Google are also aiming for running on 100 percent renewable energy.

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IKEA addresses climate change policy

Corporate giant IKEA has launched a campaign to highlight the necessity of climate change policy leaders. The Scandinavian company has developed an infographic which advocates legally binding targets on: CO2 reduction, Renewable energy, and Energy efficiency.


By using a visual medium, the sustainable business leader is able to convey succinctly the benefits of the low carbon economy. Striking graphics draw attention to the 20 millions jobs which would be created between now and 2020 in the green economy, as well as the losses to the IKEA group caused by extreme weather.

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Denmark’s transition to clean energy

“Denmark may very well become the first rich, industrialized erstwhile chugger of fossil fuels to transform itself entirely into a clean energy economy in the age of climate change.”

“Denmark is making good on one of the world’s most aggressive plans to transition entirely to clean energy. The government aims to generate 70 percent of the nation’s power from renewable sources – mostly offshore and onshore wind farms – by 2020. It then plans to add enough solar power, electric car infrastructure, and waste-to-energy plants to be able to ditch coal, oil, and gas altogether. If all goes well, Denmark will ratchet up its sustainable power levels to 100 percent by mid-century.”

Motherboard – 2 May 2014:
How Denmark Became the Nation Most Likely to Be Powered by Wind
Article by Brian Merchant