Positive challenge for Geelong

The ‘Renew Geelong’ event on Sunday 27 April is a launch-pad for change-makers, solution-builders and concerned citizens in our city

By Mik Aidt

The Geelong Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon. Photo: JOH Architects

We can build a massive Christmas tree at the waterfront and spend $500,000 on creating an ‘icon’ for Geelong that will last a couple of weeks and hopefully attract a lot of tourist to the city.

Now, we could also spend just four times more than that amount and get ourselves a permanent icon for Geelong which would attract tourists all year round, while at the same time providing wind-powered energy to the restaurants at the waterfront.

Such an icon, called ‘The Sea Dragon’, has been designed by the architect firm JOH Architects, and to obtain support from the local community, a small-scale model of it will be on public display at the Renew Geelong event in Eastern Park on 27 April 2014.

All year round, this would send out new signals to the world about Geelong’s position as a manufacturing and business centre in the field of clean energy technology and climate solutions.

We believe Geelong residents could be unified over being welcomed to an event where we explore new attitudes towards the world, build new bridges across political and cultural barriers, find channels and platforms for improving our lives, learn about doable solutions which already exist, and those which we could build together.

The Renew Geelong event on April 27 event is about all of this. It has a lot to do with how we connect with each other and discover new meanings and exciting content.

Liveable City, Safe Climate, Innovation, Creativity, Co-creation, Sustainability, Recycling, Energy Efficiency and Renewables are keywords for the day.

We really hope to see faces of all ages, cultural backgrounds and income groups come together around this. It’s time to turn the tide.

Mik Aidt is Event Coordinator for the Renew Geelong Picnic held in Eastern Park on 27 April 2014 at 11am to 1pm. More info at  www.thesolution.org.au/picnic

Photo: The Sea Dragon. Download photo in high resolution from  www.thesolution.org.au/media