Sustainability ideas for schools in Geelong region

Wanted: Good ideas, successful models, principles, slogans and words, and best practice for teachers, students and schools in the field of sustainability, environment and climate change.


Did you hear about the “sustainanator”-idea from Geelong East Primary School? (If not, listen here or see below on this page).
Could that be an idea which other schools would like to replicate?

Do you have an idea which has worked well in a primary or secondary school – and which other schools in Geelong and the world ought to know about?

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Geelong’s five star sustainability school

The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse visited Geelong East Primary School for a talk with principal Karen Chaston, teacher Kirra Dyer, and ‘sustainanators’ Bianca Grima and Jade Telfer about what a sustainable school looks like.

A series of ‘show-and-tell’ videos about sustainability ideas for schools in Geelong is currently being produced in a joint project by the Transition South Barwon and Transition East Geelong groups. They offer a school program in third term of 2014 which you can read more about here.


Two sustainanators of Geelong East Primary Shool: Jade Telfer (left) and Bianca Grima

Dig deeper

Listen to the principal, a teacher and two students from Geelong East Primary School explain about the various ideas and initiatives the school has taken to broaden knowledge and awareness in the field:

Audio part 1

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Geelong East Primary School sustainability report Part 1: Teacher Kirra Dyer and the Sustainanators Bianca Grima and Jade Telfer


East Geelong Primary School teacher Kirra Dyer (left) and principal Karen Chaston

Audio part 2

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Geelong East Primary School sustainability report Part 2: Principal Karen Chaston and teacher Kirra Dyer






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Tips about sustainability and eduation

Earth Ed

The Earth Sciences Centre has a program called ‘Renewable Energy at Your School’ and a popular Renewable Energy Trailer bringer renewable energy education directly to your school.

The activities provided with the trailer include hands-on learning in concentrated solar thermal, photo-voltaics, hydro-electricity and wind power. The trailer recently visited Bungaree Primary School. Their website currently contains some great pictures that captured their experiences.

The Renewable Energy Trailer will be travelling through a number of regional and rural areas in Term 1, 2015.  If you are interested in organising a visit to your school, please contact Earth Ed.


Sustainability for Educators: A Toolkit of Learning Activities and Resources
‘Sustainability for Educators: A Toolkit of Learning Activities and Resources’ is an engaging and accessible collection of teaching/learning resources designed to catalyse this transformative education.
It is essential reading for educators wanting to embed skills for sustainability into learning and professional development programs.
Of value to teachers, trainers and facilitators from vocational training organisations, universities, secondary schools, communities and business organisations, this resource will also provide great inspiration for campuses and businesses in planning and implementing sustainability changes.
This toolkit provides:
• Succinct sustainability concepts
• Strong grounding in the principles of Education for Sustainability (EfS)
• 80 practical EfS learning activities with tips, participant hand-outs and facilitator resources
• Inspiring case studies of sustainability in action
• Great cartoons
• Signposts to the latest resources.
Read more

Sustainability explained
Sustainability is everywhere these days. But what does the term actually describe? This short video animation by the Australian Research Institute for the Environment and Sustainability gives answers on


Cool Australia
Cool Australia is educating young Australians for a sustainable future.
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Climates and buddies
– a network for kids world-wide who believe we must unite, share and co-ordinate our efforts for a safer climate.
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