FILM: ‘The Future of Energy’

All around the world a powerful transition is taking place. Communities are building local movements to address economic instability and the worst effects of climate change. Energy lies at the heart of our global society, and how we consume it impacts everything from the air we breathe and the food we eat, to our jobs and the health of our families.

‘The Future of Energy – Lateral Power to the People’ is a film about this. A documentary love story about the renewable energy revolution.

It is a positive, fun film that focuses on energy solutions and the people behind the renewable energy revolution. It’s a love story about people re-imagining their relationship to the planet, and falling back in love with the Earth and each other.

The film features several inspiring political leaders including the Mayor of Greensburg, KS, a town powered by 100% wind energy, and the Mayor of Lancaster, CA, the emerging “solar capital” of the U.S. Their fearless leadership is combined with concrete examples of citizens taking ownership of their power through community choice aggregation, renewable energy mandates, and zero net building initiatives.

Other empowering stories include social benefit corporations that are leading the way on environmental and social justice issues, and community leaders who are inspiring the next frontier of our human imagination. This transition is moving us in the direction of an inclusive green economy that will lead to local job creation, environmental sustainability, and greater economic equality for all.

Arguably fossil fuels are financially insecure investments in the future. Because the carbon budget has almost reached its limit, 60-80% of all fossil fuel reserves will have to remain in the ground. This means these companies are overvalued and this carbon bubble could destabilise our economy in the near future. Also featured in the film is’s divestment movement, which is advocating for universities and cities to divest from fossil fuel companies and reallocate assets into renewable energy.

The race is on to convert to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible. Many Nations have set mandates and high goals to reach a renewable energy future. Yet to Americans, the momentum of clean energy may appear less obvious. To prove this transition is possible, the filmmakers have showcased the modern day heroes who have already implemented renewable energy across the nation.

We find ourselves at a critical point in history where the future of the planet rests upon the choices we make today. We can choose to continue consuming energy the way we have in the past, or we can make smarter consumer choices and actively participate in this renewable energy revolution.


Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Director: Brett Mazurek
Producers: Maximilian DeArmon & Missy Lahren
Writers: Maximilian DeArmon, Missy Lahren, & Theo Badashi